Finding a balance

There is no suffering in this world that wouldn’t have a way out. On the contrary, our soul grows with every fall and can always rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Addiction can be very powerful but you can always manage it

Addiction is, in essence, great passion. It is vast energy that can command us to total destruction. It can be so strong that we lose any hope for the way back. And there truly is no way back. Likewise, there is no return from other life experiences. There is only one way to move ahead, and that is learning how to live with this experience, first normally, later happily, and then fruitfully. Life with addiction will never be the same as before, and that’s OK.

Elena Kovalčíková

In the past ...

I have been through devastating years of addiction to alcohol, psychotropic drugs, and cocaine. Additionally, I am knowledgeable about addiction to cigarettes, gaming, porn, sex, food, sports, communication, books, screens, and relationships.


Today, I occasionally consume small amounts of alcohol or other substances for therapeutic reasons, out of curiosity, or for pleasure.

I am addicted to food and my mobile phone in the same way as the majority of our society – sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes not at all.

On top of that, I have the dopamine resources that I consciously control and release. The fact that I don’t relapse shows me that addiction is not only a MANAGEABLE issue, but one can enjoy life with it even after all those previously dreadful experiences. And further, one can utilize it as a source of deep knowledge and inspiration.

Intrinsic freedom as a direction to follow

I work with addiction as an inner element that we can tame. And not only to tame but also to use it for creation and other valuable things.

I am not undergoing the journey of pure asceticism. I dance towards the ideal of intrinsic freedom that is unattainable precisely because it is an ideal. But it is a good and inspiring direction for me.

Pricelist of Consultations

In my experience, good consultation needs ideally two hours.

I will be happy to meet you in my therapy room, Salon BeLovely, Na Příkopě 17, Prague 1. We can also meet in the forest or park or catch up over a video call.

Online consultation

60 – 90 minutes: 3.000 CZK

Personal consultation 

120 minutes and more: 6.000 CZK

Other services

In addition to consultations, we can dive much deeper into your issues. In one day, or with the luxury of a couple of days basking in the forest pilgrimage, we can channel the voice of your soul.

I am also an experienced massage therapist. Massage is a great way to release tension and pain from the body and the soul.

Guided Forest Pilgrimages

We always pilgrim when we are in search of something essentially important. There is a moment in life when our soul starts to call us for a journey.

Amidst nature, we can hear the voice of our soul much more clearly. I do one or a couple of days lasting pilgrimages where we ponder into the listening of our soul and try to understand the meaning of its message.

Massage Therapies

I am an experienced massage therapist who simply loves to do it. Releasing tension and pain in the human body & soul is my true mission.

I have mastered many different techniques for approaching it, from classical to deep tissue and from head to your toe.

Order consultation

In my experience, good consultation needs at least one and a half hours, ideally two hours.

I will be happy to meet you in my therapy room, Salon BeLovely, Na Příkopě 17, Prague 1. We can also meet in the forest or park or catch up over a video call.