Massages & Body Work

Lymph, chakras, muscles, skin, entire body and soul can be harmonised with proper kind of a massage. It can also release pain, tension, stress, and set us free from old useless things.

Our body is a vehicle that carries our precious soul.

Through our body we are being brought to this life, and reality. It is very strongly connected to our soul, it is “us”. That is why so often Body Work and suitable type of a Massage can do miracles to our health and overall wellbeing.

Elena Shubik

Massage in Chateau Mcely

You can find me in the gorgeous environment of Chateau Mcely. There, you can book the services through reception.

The Chateau is a silent oasis of peace and respite, with a fascinating history and an extraordinary atmosphere. Apart from well-known Marian apparitions, this location was a favorite stop of Mark Twain and Rainer Maria Rilke, my most beloved writers.

Your body can be nourished and rejuvenated here in several ways. For example, replenish yourself in one of the best Czech restaurants, Piano Nobile, or just by having a quiet walk in our breathtaking park, going to the sauna, or enjoying the whirlpool.

For reservations

+420 325 600 000

Massage in Prague

In Prague, you will find me in its very heart – in Příkopy, on the beautiful premises of Salon BeLovely. Here I concentrate on massage sessions, which bring many beneficial effects for the body and soul.

Healing and deeply relaxing massage takes at least an hour, ideally two. I start with a consultation to best tailor to your needs. I will pamper your skin with 100% natural cosmetics.

Whether it is lymph or deep tissue massage, harmonisation of your chakras, aromatherapy massage, reflexology or de-armouring, I am approaching all these styles with maximal attention to YOU and your specific needs.

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+420 776 263 360


In addition to literature, poetry, nature, and my calling, I was to connect with my body. When I began to massage professionally, I was amazed at how connected everything in our being was. I found deeper meaning in exploring and illuminating these connections.

Other services

In addition to massages, we can dive much deeper into your (t)issue. In one day, or with the luxury of a couple of days basking in the forest pilgrimage, we can channel the voice of your soul.

Apart from pilgrimages, we can work together in shorter individual sessions. It can be done online, in nature, or in the heart of Prague, where I have a beautiful space for therapies.

Guided Forest Pilgrimages

We choose to journey when we search for something essential to our body and soul. There is a moment in life when our spirit becomes restless, and we must move our body and soul.

Amid nature, we can hear the voice of our soul with clarity. I facilitate one or multi-day pilgrimages where we ponder our minds and explore the space of our soul, all while listening and understanding the meaning of its messages.


I went through a harrowing addiction to alcohol and cocaine. While in the grip of addiction, I experienced a never-ending process of ups and downs that provided me with deep insight into human suffering and recovery.

I now know that every problem has a solution, and every fall can reveal special gifts to us. We can use these gifts to rebuild ourselves. Don’t hesitate to speak about your issues, no matter what it is – we will find the way out.