Guided Forest Pilgrimages

Do you wonder where are the answers to your questions stored? Discover distinctive insights amid nature, in a deep conversation, and with the help of various therapeutic techniques.

Every time we look for something in life, we embark on a journey

That’s why I chose the format of the pilgrimage for my work. In fairy tales, the Honza go out into the world to eventually bring all the knowledge and princesses home. We go to schools, build careers, look for men or women to fulfill our work and family missions. One day our souls will also begin to call for a similar journey.

Elena Shubik

Soul Guide

And you can learn to hear the inner voice

There is a time in life when our soul starts to call us for a similar journey. Only instead of embracing the outer world, it is necessary to descend into our inner world.

Nature provides us with its supportive arms

In the middle of nature, we can hear the voice of our soul much more clearly than in the noise of our daily lives. That is why I decided to guide people on their soul journeys in the environment of our beautiful forests. My pilgrimages last for one or more days where we ponder into the listening of our soul, we look into its depths, and work with all signs it is giving us.

How does it work?

Pilgrimages are for all who are yearning to discover their inner lands, examine them, bring them up to daylight, and eventually integrate them into their lives. They allow us to give special care to our soul, get relaxed in nature, and see our routine from new angles.

I use many different techniques, starting with deep dialogue, going through work with dreams and imagination, ending up with exercises that involve the body and mind. All this can help to hear the voice of your soul and teach you how never to lose it again.

Full attention to your soul

This fascinating adventure requires some time and a lot of attention. That is why I work with clients individually or in small groups (upon their request). So unless you decide differently, it will be only me, you, and your topic for one whole day.

What will happen then

After the pilgrimage, I prepare a summary of what I have observed and what I feel might work for you further. I have a dream in which everyone can hear the voice of their soul and cultivate it further alone or with their close or beloved ones.

There are many ways to do it, and I will be more than happy to guide you through them. Afterward, I am there for you for any further questions or short consultations about the pilgrimage.

Practical information

We start at around 9 am and end around 6 pm, but it can last longer – depending on the situation. Transportation is upon agreement, also depending on where we decide to go. Each of us takes our own food & drinks, but there is also an option to do pilgrimage when fasting. Fasting can help our soul to speak up! I will be happy to pilgrim with you while fasting in all seasons except the winter. That would be too challenging for me 🙂

The price of one day pilgrimage is 12.000 CZK

Other Services

Apart from pilgrimages, we can work together in shorter individual sessions. It can be done online, in nature, or in the heart of Prague, where I have a beautiful space for therapies.

I am also an experienced massage therapist. Massage is a great way to release tension and pain from the body and the soul.


I went through a severe addiction to alcohol and cocaine. While in the grip of addiction, I experienced a never-ending process of ups and downs that provided me with deep insight into human suffering and recovery.

I now know that every problem has a solution, and every fall can reveal unique gifts to us. We can use these gifts to rebuild. Don’t hesitate to speak about your issues, no matter what it is – we will find the way out.

Massage Therapies

I am an experienced massage therapist who simply loves to do it. Releasing tension and pain in the human body & soul is my true mission.

I have mastered many different techniques for approaching it, from classical to deep tissue and from head to your toe.

Order free consultation

To prepare for the pilgrimage, we need to meet or have a long phone call. We need to clarify your expectations and my abilities to help you. 

The price for one day pilgrimage is 12.000 CZK