Where do I get my inspiration from?

Everyone I guide is moving along a particular journey. I apply my experience and knowledge along the way.

Who is guiding and teaching me? Who inspires me the most?

Ancient philosophy and classic literature influence me majorly. In addition, I get further inspiration from contemporary authors.

Most recently, my attention has been captivated by the following writers:

I.D.Yalom, Julien Barnes, Joseph Campbell, Bill Plotkin, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Stanislav Grof, and Gabor Maté. Nature and the human body are two of my additional fascinations.

I believe we can find great wisdom in various stories and spiritual traditions. We can also benefit by applying that wisdom and discovering knowledge within ourselves. Sometimes, we need more theory, and on other occasions, what we need is practice. Often, we need to synthesize both at the same time!

Each pathway is your choice, and I am enthusiastic about being your guide and showing you around 🙂

Heroes and muses on my journey 

In addition to literature and philosophy, I ponder into the world and heal my soul by various methods.

I have been, and I am being, guided by the following entities.



SoulAdventure is a group of experienced soul pilots who together are eager to conquer any challenge ahead. Every guide with SoulAdventure is a unique, remarkable personality, and they treat each possibility with unprecedented tenderness but with command and fearlessness at the same time.

I have been to four Soul Quests in the Sahara desert with SoulAdventure, and each experience has changed my life in every aspect. I have greatly benefitted from their weekend workshops on various topics of interest. These events take place in the beautiful nature of the Krkonoše mountains. Last but not least, I have been forever changed by their comprehensive program titled Confident Woman.

The careful supervision of my pilgrimages by Tereza Černohorská: my teacher, friend, and muse, all in one, has played an essential part for me.

Stars University

Stars University guided me through the worst period of darkness yet. I was eager to manage my life sober for the first time. After my rehab, Stars provided me with crucial help to become a stable and happy person again. Not only did I manage to achieve this, but I now cherish my life and utilize my talents more than ever before.

These days, I am attending their program on alternative healing methods for the human body and soul. I find people here very adept at all levels. I have benefitted from their multidisciplinary body, mind, and spirit approach.

Sanatorium of Monika Plocová

Monika Plocová and her team saved my life. I started my rehab here when I needed it most. My mental and physical health were in ruins at the time. I turned to the right place.

I managed to accept and explore the complexity and vastness of my addiction here. I finally accepted myself and my scenario. I realized that I was on the brink of a disaster had I not made changes to become healthy.

In addition to abstinence, I gained deep and comprehensive knowledge about the entirety of the issue. I still love to come back for after-rehab group therapy from time to time.

Nora Vlášková

Nora Vlášková was the first person I dared to share my inner world with. She held me firmly so that I could handle that first immersion into prosperity. She taught me not to collapse from the weight of my problems but rather be resilient and conquer them.

Ms. Vlášková also directed me towards the inspirational literature that still influences my life and work. Nora is one of the most intelligent women I have had the honor of knowing, and a mere reminiscence about our therapy gives me incredible insights to this day.

Family, Friends & Clients

My family, friends, and clients are integral to my life experience. The human being is a social creature that mirrors their inner world in all relationships. If we get very irritated by someone, it will probably be our suppressed or shadow quality. And on the contrary, the adoration of someone shows us our unrevealed wanted qualities.

Relationships are the best university for the human soul. Sometimes I feel that we attract exactly what is necessary for our journey at that particular moment. And although dealing with a very tough relationship might seem absurd, they are mainly the ones that can have a transformational value for us.

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