I love my life

Who am I, how do I perceive the world, and which experiences do I consider game-changers? How did I rediscover what I have always loved and known?

Nature and introspection have been my passions since I was a little girl

How I rediscovered myself

As a small girl, I was already aware of my broad range of intense emotions. A big game-changer was when I began to read the world classics of literature. Suddenly, I felt much less alone with my vibrant soul. I especially loved Dostoyevski and Stefa Zweig, whose books were psychological probes in their inquisitive substance. Together with long forest walks, my passions provided me with a miraculous and idyllic youth.

So deep and fruitful were my studies of humanities at Charles University. Although back then I thought how dreadfully intense and challenging it was, now I would choose the same school again without hesitation. Since I cannot, I love to go back into my thoughts, readings, and writings from that period. Afterward, I anchored myself for ten years in business and technologies, but human sciences never stopped being the interest nearest to my heart. Mainly, philosophy and psychology were very close to me.

My everyday life brought to my discovery were extreme perspectives of the human mind, body, and soul. When I was around 30 years old, I slowly became familiar with addiction in a much harsher form than we all know it. Mine was not through a mobile phone, food, or in relationships. During the resulting five years, I had drunk thousands of liters of wine, hundreds of liters of booze, consumed many pills and sniffed many grams of cocaine. I did not count the amounts, but it is surmountable in retrospect.


Accompanying my addiction were the endless attempts to STOP. It was a game of neverending takeoffs and downfalls, pride and humiliation, over and over and over again. This ferocious ring of delight and suffering ended only in Sanatorium’s rehab center, where I spent five weeks. The Branik Sanatorium of Monika Plocova has built a unique atmosphere and a great team of therapists from whom I learned so much about topics other than the addiction itself. It helped me get stable, stay clean, and start my life from scratch once again.

But how can one start from scratch with such a damaged personality that lacks solid values and has no single bit of essential self-confidence? These questions were making my new start an extremely bitter experience. That was one of the reasons why I decided to come back to my beloved nature and stimulate literature. I perceive these two entities as my life teachers with limitless boundaries. Together with the top therapeutic support of Nora Vlášková, and in cooperation with SoulAdventure and Univerzita Hvězdy, I had managed to recreate my being to its newer and stronger version. I continue to learn from professionals in the field and from those in my daily life.

I observe life with relentless passion, and I cannot stop pondering the scope of all the things it brings to me. Parallel with philosophy, I spend my time writing, working as a massage therapist, guiding people on their journeys to their souls, and communicating my experiences with addiction and other topics to all who need them.

My services

There are three different ways how we can work together. We can wander through beautiful forests on the pilgrimage, meet for an inspiring consultation, or you can come for a healing massage.

Guided Forest Pilgrimages

We choose to journey when we search for something essential to our body and soul. There is a moment in life when our spirit becomes restless, and we must move our body and soul.

Amid nature, we can hear the voice of our soul with clarity. I facilitate one or multi-day pilgrimages where we ponder our minds and explore the space of our soul, all while listening and understanding the meaning of its messages.


I went through a harrowing addiction to alcohol and cocaine. While in the grip of addiction, I experienced a never-ending process of ups and downs that provided me with deep insight into human suffering and recovery.

I now know that every problem has a solution, and every fall can reveal unique gifts to us. We can use these gifts to rebuild ourselves. Don’t hesitate to speak about your issues, no matter what it is – we will find the way out.

Massage Therapies

I am an experienced massage therapist who simply loves to do it. Releasing tension and pain in the human body & soul is my true mission.

I have mastered many different techniques for approaching it, from classical to deep tissue and from head to your toe.